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Roughly the same size as Great Britain, Korea’s furthest points are generally within an easy day’s travel of one another. An extensive network of highways and secondary roads makes it fairly convenient to drive the approximate six hours from Seoul in the northwest to Busan in the southeast. Korea’s massive transportation infrastructure, which includes air, rail, busy, ferry and subways, makes it easy and convenient to move around the nation.

Private Transfers
Whether you specialize in individual business travelers requiring town car service between Incheon International Airport and downtown Seoul, or you're coordinating a group requiring a complete transportation package, Aju Incentive Tours has the resources to get your group around Korea with ease. For an overview of some of our popular transfer packages, visit the Private Transfers page.

Local Transportation

Airport Limousine Bus Service
Airport Limousine Bus service is the most convenient way to travel upon arrival at Korea's international airports in Seoul, Busan and Jeju. Detailed information can be found on our Airport Limousine Bus page.

The Korea City Air Terminal
The Korea City Air Terminal (KCAT) has been designed to make travel to Incheon International Airport as convenient as possible for international travelers. At the KCAT, passengers may complete flight reservations, ticketing, airline check-in and baggage consignment, and then board an airport-bound Airport Limousine Bus. Upon arrival at Incheon International Airport passengers arrive at passport control through a separate, dedicated entrance. Travelers utilizing the service will are ensured a streamlined, stress-free departure as well as a savings of nearly 30% of the departure tax charged by Incheon International Airport. For complete information, visit the Korea City Air Terminal website.

Taxi Service
Taxi service in Korea is plentiful and convenient. For more information about the different classes of taxi service in Seoul, visit our Taxi Service page.

Subway Service
Subway service is available in Korea's major cities: Seoul (extending to Incheon), Busan and Daegu. Although service is affordable and efficient, information in each station is primarily in Korean, and traveling by subway is only recommended for travelers with some Korean language skills, or for the truly intrepid adventurer.

In Seoul, two agencies share responsibility for Korea's subway system, and more information can be found by visiting the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation website or the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp. website.

For Busan, information can be found at the Busan Urban Transit Authority website.

Daegu City subway information is available at the Daegu Metropolitan Subway Corporation website.

Long-Distance Transportation

Korea Rail
Passenger trains operated by the Korean National Railroad also known as Korail are fast, reliable, and moderately priced. Korail has recently introduced the new high-speed rail system, KTX which takes just less than 3 hours for cross country travel from Seoul to Busan. Regular service between the two cities is also available, which costs slightly less than the KTX system, but which also takes twice as long to travel. All trains in the Korail network run on a strict schedule and are not affected by road congestion, which is especially convenient for weekend and holiday travel. Trains do sell out on weekends and national holidays, and advance reservations are recommended. Overseas visitors can purchase a Korea Rail Pass (KR PASS), which will allow them unlimited travel within a set number of days. Korail has also recently announced a co-operative program with Japan Rail, offering discounts to travelers utilizing both services. KR Passes are valid on any train in the country, except metro subways. Passes may be purchased in Korea at any train station, or in advance by visiting the Korean National Railroad website.

Korail also offers special, affordably priced travel packages (including transportation and accommodations) to Korea's major visitor destinations. More details about these packages, which are only provided by Aju Incentive Tours, the exclusive in-country agent for Korail, can be found by visiting our KoRail Packages page.

Express Bus Service
Korea is home of an efficient long-distance bus service and most major cities are served on routes from Seoul. Two types of service are available, Express Bus and the Superior Express Buses, which are popular for their wider seats and travelers conveniences such as mobile phones, VCRs and foot rests. Both buses offer late night service, saving time and accommodation charges. More information can be found at the Korea National Tourism Organization website Bus Transportation page.