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Social Responsibility and Sustainability of AJU Incentive Tours

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Social Responsibility and Sustainability of AJU Incentive Tours

We believe it is our duty to contribute to what lasts, to act responsibly to the environment, to respect and preserve the present world for the future.

We pursue the following:

1. Sustainability of people and the environment

Creating value through innovation while devoting itself to deep, ongoing sustainability, social and ecological responsibilities is the core of what the petition seeks.

2. Doing What’s Right.

Our top priority is to faithfully comply with all relevant laws and regulations and to carry out business and work in accordance with high ethical standards.

3. Performance of a task with pride

By gaining awareness and recognition of our employees' dedicated efforts, we feel proud and motivated to move forward.

4. Clear Indication of our Intentions

We take our responsibilities and obligations seriously, and we always make it important to strive for transparency and to prove them

AJU Incentive strives to:

  • Avoid : cease producing waste where possible.
  • Reduce: minimize the levels of waste we produce
  • Re-use: make multiple use of items as many times as possible
  • Recycle: recycle what we can after re-using
  • Dispose: discard what does remain in a responsible way
  • Discover: AJU seek to find new and innovative solutions